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We design for life - flexibility, real use, long life and sustainability


We are involved throughout the project lifecycle process from the very first inception to delivery, use and disposal.


Our work with corporate and public sector occupiers and developers, and research into user requirements and patterns of work, has given us the experience and expertise to design buildings and spaces that work really well. We know how to make buildings efficient and successful – to meet the ambitions, needs and expectations of investors, owners, and occupiers alike.


We design for flexibility: buildings and interiors adaptable for changing daily use and reconfigurable to meet the needs of future occupiers with least business or cost impact.


We recognize that achieving long life and sustainability needs design that responds to the rigours of real world use, abuse, cleaning and maintenance. So we design with simplicity, attention to detail, and smart use of materials, minimizing the impact on the environment from building use.


Our designs nurture health, wellbeing, accessibility, security and safety.


We design to achieve best environmental outcomes and can deliver designs to BREEAM, LEED and Ska rating certification where required. 


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